Attribute classes


class tango.Attr

This class represents a Tango writable attribute.


class tango.Attribute

This class represents a Tango attribute.

get_properties(self, attr_cfg = None) → AttributeConfig
Get attribute properties.
conf:the config object to be filled with the attribute configuration. Default is None meaning the method will create internally a new AttributeConfig_5 and return it. Can be AttributeConfig, AttributeConfig_2, AttributeConfig_3, AttributeConfig_5 or MultiAttrProp

(AttributeConfig) the config object filled with attribute configuration information

New in PyTango 7.1.4

set_properties(self, attr_cfg, dev) → None

Set attribute properties.

This method sets the attribute properties value with the content of the fileds in the AttributeConfig/ AttributeConfig_3 object

conf:(AttributeConfig or AttributeConfig_3) the config object.
dev:(DeviceImpl) the device (not used, maintained for backward compatibility)

New in PyTango 7.1.4


class tango.WAttribute

This class represents a Tango writable attribute.


class tango.MultiAttribute

There is one instance of this class for each device. This class is mainly an aggregate of Attribute or WAttribute objects. It eases management of multiple attributes


class tango.UserDefaultAttrProp

User class to set attribute default properties. This class is used to set attribute default properties. Three levels of attributes properties setting are implemented within Tango. The highest property setting level is the database. Then the user default (set using this UserDefaultAttrProp class) and finally a Tango library default value

set_enum_labels(self, enum_labels) → None
Set default enumeration labels.
enum_labels:(seq) list of enumeration labels

New in PyTango 9.2.0